Protect My Pooch

Just a little disclaimer.

We know it's obvious. Just covering all of our bases.

While we have made every effort to word our signs in a manner that would include most states and countries with basic property rights. We can not guarantee that this sign has any force of law in your specific country, state/province, county, and/or city. We also can not guarantee that this sign will, in any way, prevent trespass, damage, theft, or loss of life, limb, or property. Nor can we be held liable for such. 

Our signs are intended to be used as a reminder to law enforcement that there is a dog on the premises and that the resident does not consent to illegal search and/or seizure. As well as a request for them to use their best and safest judgement while doing their job. Our signs ARE NOT intended to be a "license to sue" or a way to interfere with the police. 

It is the sole responsibility of the consumers of our signs to do the following:

  • Learn your local, state/provincial, and federal laws in regards to property and animal rights.
  • Register, license, vaccinate,and spay/neuter your pets.
  • Care for and train your pets well.
  • Know and use your rights daily.

Contest for $20 PetSmart Gift Card begins on August 10, 2014 and ends on August 18, 2014. Contest is open to anyone over 18 years of age with mailing address within the 50 United States of America. Winner(s) must respond with mailing address within 1 business day to claim prize. Winner(s) will be notified via on or around August 19, 2014. There are 2 ways to enter. 1) Like, Share, and add the hashtag "#protectmypooch"to a shared contest post from and 2) Post a picture of your sign displayed on your property or next to your dog with tagged: "#protectmypooch". Only entrie with the proper tags will be accepted. There is no limit of entry amounts. Winner(s) will be selected by a third party. Odds of winning vary based on amount of entries.

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