Protect My Pooch

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order more than 4 signs?

Yes, you can! Just fill out the contact form and we can give you specific pricing on the quantity you are looking for!

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes, we do! We just have to charge a bit more for shipping. It varies based on location and quantity. Fill out the form on our contact page for a custom quote.

How do I hang or install this thing?

There are multiple ways to install our signs. Our signs ship standard with holes in the corners, we can send them without holes if you wish. These holes are perfect for wire or zip ties on chain link, screws on wood, or anchors on concrete/stucco. For things like vinyl fencing or siding, we recommend using double sided adhesive tape. Just clean the back of the sign, as well as the mounting surface, and use one strip across the top and bottom of the sign. Click here for an example of the tape we use.

Has my order shipped yet?

Our current order processing time is 7 business days. Please allow 10 business days(2 full weeks) for your order to arrive. If it still hasn't shown up by then, contact us and we can help you find it.

Can you make my sign say something different?

Due to the process used to manufacture our signs, once they are made, we can;t change them. We make them in batches of about 1,000 pieces. We can make you a custom since, however, it will cost quite a bit extra (about $20 or more) If you would like to order one, fill out the contact form.

Do you have signs that say "DOGS ON PREMISES" in stead of "DOG"?

We will be rolling plural wording signs out on our site sometime in the month of August 2014. Please check back often to see if they are available yet. You can also follow us on Face Book to get updates in your news feed.