Protect My Pooch

A Little Bit About Us

A history... is owned and operated by Chay & Chuck Roberts of West Valley City, Utah. We live with our two furry "children" Whiskey and Opie, they are border collies (for the most part) and our feathered "children" Capo and Melon. We love animals and our rights. We even speak up for animal rights from time to time. We live by the mantra: "Rights are like muscles, use 'em or lose 'em."

After hearing hundreds of tragic stories about police officers over-stepping their bounds. One story hit close to home. Geist, a dog that lives in nearby Salt Lake City, was murdered by a police officer. While we don't know Geist or his human personally, we do personally know several local law enforcement officials and thought that something could be done at our home to prevent this.

So, we put our minds to it and came up with this sign. Since Chuck is already in the sign making business we thought, "Why not sell them to folks and maybe prevent this from happening on a large scale?". And HERE WE ARE.

We know that, buy and large, LEO's are good folks and are just trying to do their jobs. We also know that in every walk of life there are people who are just "bad eggs". While this sign won't stop those "bad eggs", We feel it will assist "the good guys" in making clear and safe choices.

Chay, Chuck, Whiskey, and Opie.